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What is cloud accounting software and how can it help in your business?

We can make the difference

Cloud accounting software can help you save time and money

Cloud computing is one of the most far-reaching technology revolutions in history and it is revolutionizing small businesses. Cloud accounting software allows you to access your business information anywhere, anytime—from the office to your home computer. It even has real-time updates, so you will never miss an important update to your finances.

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Manage your business accounts from one centralized dashboard., All your accounting data will stored in a cloud server with SSL secured.

Data Security

Your accounting data will not stored on your computer or any gadget, so if you lose your computer, you don't have to worry about losing your accounting data.

Organise & Control

You're a small business owner and need to manage your accounts. It's not just financial accounting – manage your projects & clients too from your dashboard.

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You're a small & medium business owner! need to manage your accounts cloud server! You have a many options in the market, you can confuse what's right for you! Meet Izy Task, the leading business management software trusted by many of today's business owners. It's not just financial accounting – manage your projects & clients, financial transactions from your dashboard.

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Product Features

Multi user login

We know how important it is to be able to access all your accounts in one place, whether you're at the office or on the go. With our remote access option, you can have your staff members access your accounting software from anywhere and pay any invoices that need attention. You can even appoint a charted accountant who can remotely manage your accounts from their office.


Create a professional estimate to sell your services or products with one click! Izy Task Software saves your quotes and estimates in the cloud, so you can quickly create quotes and estimates on the fly and share them with your customer.

Invoices & Income

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to send professional, overdue invoices to your customers quickly and easily. With Create Invoice & Income's invoicing software, you can send invoices with just a few clicks and create a professional invoice with your company logo and branding. Get paid for your invoices quickly and easily through with payment gateway.

Recurring Invoices

Let Izy Task Software make your life easier by sending out recurring invoices automatically. Create a first invoice, set the frequency and let it do the rest. Forget about sending invoices every month and spend your time doing what you love. Get paid faster now!

Purchases / Expenses

You can record your inward purchases and payments like taxes, other expenses save in expenses tab. You can review your purchases and payments by date. It also calculates the total amount of money you have spent.


Reports is a time-saving app that allows you to print reports from your phone. By printing reports, you can avoid wasting time and money on printing them at a low-quality printer. Reports allows you to print individual reports like clients performance, invoices reports, expenses reports, payment reports, project reports, timesheet reports and estimate reports.

Manage Your Projects

The first and only task management app to make managing your projects quick and simple. The app was designed for project managers and people who need to organize tasks. It’s also perfect for those that take on a lot of responsibilities as it makes it possible to easily manage your projects as well as delegate tasks.

Task Board

With Task Board, you’ll be the best manager ever! Create tasks, assign them to your team, organize them in order of priority, and track their progress until completion. You’ll be able to know the status of all project tasks at a glance with Task Board. It’s time for you to take control of your company’s projects!


Is it really necessary to keep track of all your client details? We say no. Izy Task lets you save every client, including every transaction, so you don’t have to worry about any of that tedious data entry. It’s what you deserve, after all.

Client Portal

As a client of ours, you now have access to our Client Portal, which is one of the many benefits we offer to make your life easier. Now you can see all your payment history, invoices, and other important things like contacts and accounts. You can access this anytime with your unique login credentials. Play around with the tools today!

Share Files Through

You can record your inward purchases and payments like taxes, other expenses save in expenses tab. You can review your purchases and payments by date. It also calculates the total amount of money you have spent.


Manage your business to the fullest with Calender. With this easy-to-use app, you can manage your business plans and meetings with clients. You can also easily organize and add events in one place. This way, you’ll have everything you need to know at your fingertips

Pricing Plans

Yearly Subscription

Rs. 4999

$USD. 66

Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Invoices
Everything Unlimited
Yearly Subscription Rs. 799/-
One page website for your business with custom URL
Lifetime Free Usage

Rs. 9999

$USD. 9999

Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Invoice
Everything Unlimited
No Subscription Lifetime
Bonus for lifetime clients:
One page lifetime free website for your business & services
with custom URL. We can make with your domain too.
You can edit website online.

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